What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a system of nine basic personality types – nine distinct and fundamentally different ways of thinking, feeling and acting. Of course we are all individuals and no system can take full account of all our quirks and idiosyncrasies, yet the Enneagram maps out with uncanny accuracy the broad patterns for each type. The Enneagram is a dynamic personality system that combines sophisticated modern psychological tools with ancient wisdom. The Enneagram (pronounced any-a-gram; ennea is Greek for nine, and gram means drawing) and has its roots in the Middle East in ancient spiritual traditions and research suggests dates as far back as Plato. As we know it today, the Enneagram is a vital link between Eastern spirituality and Western psychology.

The nine points on the Enneagram symbol represent the ways in which the nine different personality types perceive and engage with the world. It is a conceptual system, a theory of personality types that is complex and sophisticated and yet is a sensible and easily understood tool for self-discovery.

How can the Enneagram help?

We all experience an inner restlessness – a sense that something is missing from our lives. Enneagram theory suggests that each of us has a central preoccupation or compulsion linked to our personality type, which causes us to search for certain things in life, and avoid other things. When we are running on automatic pilot this preoccupation is where our attention naturally goes. The Enneagram helps us understanding our own core psychological issues, strengths and weaknesses, our fixations, automatic reactions and blind spots, and is fundamental to personal development. Work with the Enneagram starts when you identify your type and begin to understand its dominant issues.

Upcoming Introduction to the Enneagram morning
When: Sat 22 October 2016, 9am to 12pm
Where: Regatta 1 Business Centre, Ground Floor, 2 Innovation Parkway, Birtinya
How much: $30

Here is a chance to learn how the Enneagram works and to deepen your understanding of your personality ‘type’ in an informal morning discussion.

You can register your interest by contacting Frank Bergmann directly on frank@scclinpsych.com.au