Supervision and Coaching



Samantha and Frank are both accredited supervisors with AHPRA and the APS. As they are both Clinical Psychologists they are eligible to provide supervision for clinical endorsement and well as supervision for Intern Psychologists on a 4+2 and 5+1 pathway. Supervision can be provided in person or via Skype. Both Frank and Samantha have a wealth of supervision experience and this is a significant part of their psychology practice. They are firm believers in ensuring new graduates have the confidence and skills to excel in the profession as well as remain in the profession with a sense of vitality and wellbeing. Both Samantha and Frank also provide group supervision and critical incident debriefing to organisations when requested.


Samantha also provides coaching to individuals, teams and organisations. She completed her PhD in the area of goal setting and striving and is able to provide coaching to individuals and organisations to promote personal and professional development. Samantha provides in person and online coaching options as well as running wellbeing intensives/retreats for health professionals and the general public specifically focusing on building psychological resilience, self care skills and enhancing health and vitality. Specific practitioner retreats focus on reducing burn out and enhancing vitality in the helping role.